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BKB On Videotape
Today was awful for no reason in particular. Even though I don't work on Mondays, they still depress me for one reason or another. I guess they've taken Sunday's place.

My weekend was pretty decent. Saturday I got my Radiohead tickets, delivered Jen hers and made talked to Kandis and Rachel about going. Rachel and the Sams have their own tickets and if Kandis can make it back to Houston on time she'll be able to use the extra one I bought. If not I'll sell it on ebay. It's only a lawn seat but I still think I could make a bit of money off of it, especially since this concert sold out in two hours.  I took my Cultural Anthropology exam yesterday morning and I think I did OK. The essay and short answer questions were so easy, and that's what had worried me most. In the evening I picked up Mary and we went to AMC (since our beloved Tinseltown has been demolished) to watch There Will Be Blood. I think perhaps, I should not watch serious movies with Mary. We laugh too much when we hang out, no matter what the circumstances or the movie. I still enjoyed the movie though, and I finally understand all of the ONTD icons! Daniel Day-Lewis HAS to win the Oscar for best actor. He did an amazing job. When I got home I cheated on my diet and ate Whataburger and watched an episode of Planet Earth. Today I had a million things I needed to go do but was depressed for some reason. Ugh, Mondays.

I have no tests or obligations next weekend so I think I'm going to hang out with Amy. I'm going to make her listen to Flogging Molly and try to convince her to go see them with me next March. Until then, boring work week with the exception of TV. The guilty pleasure that is American Idol and the holiness that is Lost. Can't wait to see the 5th Oceanic Six member and what other mind-fucks Benry can pull on us!

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Well, I did it! I was able to buy Radiohead tickets today. Not sure how long it took them to sell out but I just checked a few minutes ago and they're all gone. I feel so blessed! On my way home I gave a homeless woman four dollars. I drove the speed limit. I didn't curse too much despite the awful traffic. This is what Radiohead does to me, apparently. It is very rainy and dreary here again. I love this weather though, I'm not going to lie. Not a whole lot going on besides Radiohead mania. I need to figure out a place to put the ticktets to keep them safe. May is, unfortunately, many months away. I may just seal them in an envelope and tack it to my wall. I used to do that when I was in high school. Ah, it's been so long since I've felt pre-concert euphoria like this. It's a nice feeling indeed. Guess I should be off, need to go study Cultural Anthropology. Maybe one day I can grow up and be a Cultural Anthropologist and go to Tunisia and find a polar bear skeleton and....!

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Time to give this whole journaling thing another try. I've been meaning to start up again for ages. I just can't help it that I'm so easily distracted! I need to start keeping a written journal again as well. I found a community on here called embodiment where people post pages of their journals and I think it's inspired me. These folks don't just write out their thoughts though, they present them. Through art, collages, drawings, painting, and anything else you could think of. I really want to try to start one. Kind of like a combination of a scrapbook, journal and sketchbook. I bought new journal the other day at Borders. If I ever actually start maybe I'll post some of my pages on here.

Since I'm starting anew with this, I won't backtrack on my week. I will say that the new Lost was fabulous. Probably my favorite of season four thus far. My strange love for Mr. Benjamin Linus grows stronger every episode. This worries me a little, but I think I'll manage. Can't wait until next Thursday!

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